30ml One Shot Bottle (PET)

£3.10£160.00 (excluding VAT)

Pack Size Price per Bottle
10 Pack £0.31 each
50 Pack £0.29 each
100 Pack £0.27 each
500 Pack £0.25 each
1000 Pack £0.16 each

30ml One Shot Bottle (PET) with a removable dropper spout and a screw-on cap.

Benefits of PET plastic bottles

  • Lightweight, yet strong material
  • Completely transparent plastic allowing a clear view of the liquid contained inside.
  • Do not shatter and cause a hazard if broken or damaged
  • Convenient for on-the-go consumption
  • Can be recycled so that the PET can be used over and over again. Increasing numbers of PET plastic bottles are made from recycled PET

*The dropper spout is found inside the screw-on lid and plugs into to the top of the bottle automatically when the lid is put on. The spout can be removed/unplugged from the bottleneck easily to refill.