Inawera Flavour Concentrates Wholesale

Buy Inawera Flavour Concentrates. View the range of Inaweras extensive flavour catalogue. Strong water soluble flavours suitable for food, drink and wholesale manufacture. 5 litre bottles will be supplied in Inweras original bottles. Litre, 500ml, 100ml and 10ml size bottles are re-bottled by us with Inaweras permission. All bottles are supplied with Inawera branding.

£61.74£255.46 (excluding VAT)
£78.77£327.84 (excluding VAT)
£61.74£240.56 (excluding VAT)
£61.74£240.56 (excluding VAT)
£140.51£590.33 (excluding VAT)
£76.64£327.84 (excluding VAT)